Here’s The Best Product To Eliminate Your Skin Tags

There is a solution for your skin tags. I can guarantee you that. The problem is that not every one of us reacts the same way to every treatment.

If we were to take all of the solutions you can read about on-line, there’s probably a couple hundred different ones. You might as well just write them all down on a slip of paper, throw them in a hat, pull one out and try it.

I know you don’t have time to try lotion after cream after oil to find one that works. The good news is that there are a couple remedies that do actually work.

Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of them and then I’ll show you where you can get them.

What Type Of Tags Will They Help Remove?

You can get one anyplace on your body. Here are the most common ones and whether or not this procedure will help you with your specific skin type.


The ones on your eyelids are the most dangerous type. I’ll never understand why people think it’s a good idea to rub things like tea tree oil (it burns like fire if you get it in your eye) or acids around their eyes. The non-pharmaceutical solution I am telling you about will help you.


clear-neckYour neck is a tender and sensitive part of your body. It’s very common for us to get them around the collar area. This sensitive spot is one of the areas that is most prone to skin tags. This quick fix is very effective around your neck.


Probably the most embarrassing one of all. You don’t have to feel shame any longer because there is an antidote.


Anal skin tags (aka barnacles) can be very uncomfortable. They are in a very bad spot that makes it easy for them to get irritated and even infected. The last thing that you want in an infected perianal. There’s a fix for that!


Just like the perianal, the ones on your groin can also become irritated very easily and are prone to infection. Our groins are just teeming with bacteria that is waiting to infect our blood. Don’t worry, you can treat and permanently prevent them.

In And Around Armpits

Armpits are another area that are prone because of the amount of friction. It’s a tough area to keep clean as well. You too can have relief!

Between The Thighs

Skin tags that are between the thighs can become very sensitive because of your legs rubbing together. They can actually make it painful to walk. Fortunately, these don’t usually get infected and you can get rid of them.

Back And Chest

Keeping your shirt on at the pool because of skin tags? You wouldn’t think that many people have them there but you’d be surprised how little friction it takes to form one (1) for someone that is prone to them. These might be the most easy to cure.

How Do They Work

  • In the privacy of your own home – Most insurance carriers won’t cover “cosmetic” treatments anyway
  • Stops them before they start – One attacks them at the source, before they even form. The other gets rid of the existing ones.
  • It wont leave a scar – Scars form when they are improperly removed.
  • Painlessly – You’ve suffered enough. Why make removing them hurt too?
  • Rapidly- How fast? Much less than a week but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This is not a remedy that you’re going to read about on some web forum or on a question and answer website. It’s not an internet remedy. It’s a real and permanent skin tag removal solution.

How Doesn’t It Work

It doesn’t work like the laundry list of “solutions” on-line. Let’s go over the most popular and I’ll explain why I would or would not waste my time trying them.

Compound W

This stuff is expensive and it probably won’t work for you as it hasn’t worked for most people. Put it at the bottom of your list of things to try.

Tea Tree Oil

This stuff does actually work. The problem is that it takes two weeks minimum for people to see results. It also doesn’t prevent them from coming back.


This obscure remedy was used by the American Indian to treat many different types of blemishes. It’s a slow working solution that may work for you. If you want to try it good luck finding it. It’s very obscure.

Wart Remover

A small percentage of people have had some success using wart remover to get their skin tags to fall off.

Vitamin E

If it does work it’s going to take forever for most people. There are faster ways.


Another slow working solution that may or may work. It’s only a popular recommendation because it is easy to get and it’s very inexpensive. It’s not very effective.


This stuff works for nearly everyone. In just 24 hours you’ll be able to see a difference. Just be sure to follow the directions because it’s very powerful so make sure to use it correctly. Here’s Dermatends’ official website. There are some knock-offs out there so be leery if you see it for sale anywhere else.

Castor Oil

You mix the castor oil and baking soda together to make a paste and apply it. Might work in a few weeks. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


Apple cider vinegar is the most commonly used. I have yet to find anyone that has had any success with white vinegar. You better be patient because if it’s going to work it will probably take at least a month of constant application.

Vitamin C

Pretty much the same as vitamin E. If topically applying vitamins is going to work it will take a very long time and once you stop there’s a very good chance it will return.

Things People Try That May Permanently Damage Their Epidermis

The solutions above are pretty much all natural and very safe. There are some other things that you can try that might actually scar you or burn you. Do not under any circumstances try any of these skin tag removals.

Bloodroot Powder

I wouldn’t try this. It can cause scarring if you aren’t careful when applying it. Not worth the risk.

Clear Nail Polish

Really? Would you try that. Forget about it. Nail polish should not be used for anything other than its intended purpose and it could actually aggravate your skin tags.

Duct Tape

This just sounds crazy to me. The only way I see this ever working is if you accidentally tear it off. If that happens you’ll probably end up scarring yourself.

Cutting Them Off

Woman holding scissors is about to cut off her skin tag.Do not cut them off! That bears repeating. Do not cut off your skin tags! Too many people have tried this and have done it wrong, leaving them permanently disfigured. Some people have gotten lucky and have no scars to show but how lucky are you feeling? Do you want to roll the dice? Did you know some skin tags actually have cells that grow below the surface so you can’t actually see them. No matter how many time you snip it off it will grow back. These will require a deeper cut that will need stitches. (2) Can you do that on your own? I know I can’t. If you want to try tying a piece of dental floss to the stalk that may be ok, but I don’t recommend it. After a few days the string will cause it to fall off because it has cut the blood flow off to it. Sounds scary to me.

What About Freezing Them At Home

For most people freezing them off works great. But the over the counter freezing solutions just aren’t cold enough. The stuff that your dermatologist has is much colder than the stuff that you can buy at the pharmacy or on-line.

Dry Ice Is Cold Enough

I used dry ice to remove my very first skin tag. For four days I held a small piece of dry ice on the top of my skin tag for about 60 seconds two times a day. On the fifth day it seemed to be shriveling up and dying so I stopped applying it. A few days later the skin tag actually fell off. The only problem was that I had a scar. I now have a permanent scar as a reminder of what an idiot I was to try to do my won skin tag removal. Worse yet, it didn’t stop skin tags from popping up on other parts of my body.

Why So Few People See A Doctor

Skin tags are actually a minor issue so it’s not a pressing matter to have them lanced or frozen off by a doctor. Besides, odds are that you’re just going to get more and you’ll be at the doctors office again. Every trip to the doctors off is going to cost $200 – $400 and he isn’t even going to help you prevent them. He will just remove it for you. Why does it cost so much? Because your insurance provider won’t cover them. (3)They aren’t cancerous, they don’t turn into cancer, and they don’t harm you in any way. So your insurance company considers them to be elective or even cosmetic surgery.

More Than 10,000 People Have Used This Remedy & Preventative

That’s a lot of tests and trials. What blows my mind is that 100X more people with skin tags have never even heard of it. If so many people have been able to naturally remove their skin tags why isn’t everyone using it? It’s a question that we won’t ever have an answer to. The good news it that you and I have both found it. Promise me that once your epidermis is perfect you will tell your friends about it and recommend that they give it a fair shake too. That’s what I’m trying to do with this site. Spread the word.

Are You Trying To Hide Them In Embarrassment?

Woman covering up the blemishes on her neck.Believe me, people do notice the skin tags on your face, neck, and hands. But they don’t care about them nearly as much as you do. I remember hoping that people wouldn’t notice them and nobody ever brought them up. I never caught anyone staring either. But when they were gone guess what happened. People noticed and they told me how great I looked. So they may not have cared about them but they definitely noticed how much better I looked and felt about myself once they were gone.

You Don’t Need To Be Embarrassed Any More

I know it’s hard not to pay any attention to them. To constantly notice them, think about them, and hope that everyone around you isn’t noticing them too. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to stop them from forming. Learn what’s causing them and then attack them at the source. Not only will the skin tags you have go away but they stop forming too. No more embarrassment, shame, or trying to cover them up with collars and turtlenecks. Did you know that the friction from those shirts could be making them worse? That’s right. The very thing that you are trying to use to cover them up might actually be irritating your skin and causing more to form.

It’s Time To Clear Up Your Skin

Are you ready to permanently clear up your skin? Of course you are. With all of the on-line remedies out there that you have probably already tried, I bet you are sick and tired of applying a cream, crossing your fingers, waiting, and hoping to get absolutely zero results.

The Only Product That Reliably Worked

I’ll make this really quick for you because I’m sure you’re ready to know exactly which one to get. I briefly mentioned it earlier but here it is again. I just checked and they now are up to over 100,000 successful removals so it seems to be hitting the main stream. The only cream that I recommend anymore is Dermatend. This links to their official website.